The first room of the visit presents the history and development of « eaux-de-vie » in this hilly corner of Alsace.

You will learn about the particularities of Val-de-Villé, the birth of the tradition of vintage kettles in the region and the diversity of Alsatian gastronomy. Of course, the Meyer Distillery is also presented with large old photos and its imposing copper stills.showing the Meyer family and the original 1950s distillery.

The distillery’s first still favourably decorates the centre of the space, which also leads to a bay window to discover the old production room and its imposing copper stills.

We also find the current ownership of the company by the brothers Lionel and Arnaud Meyer, who were able to bring innovation and success by offering the range of aperitif products, and by showcasing the Alsatian whisky developed with passion by their father Jean-JeanClaude.