The fruit spirits of the Distillery F.Meyer are now famous all over the world because they are the most rewarded fruit spirits to date at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris with more than 204 medals !

In 2013 the Distillery has succeeded in winning 9 medals (7 in gold and 2 in silver !).


The liqueurs of the Distillerie F. Meyer can be drunk very fresh as an apéritif, but also married to an Alsatian crémant or champagne they will delight your taste buds. The gingerbread liqueur to mention that it will be perfect as a Christmas appetizer, on ice cream or other sorbets.


Gin, Pastis and Alsaquina will accompany your appetizers and will please both female and male palates. The Alsaquina Meyer’s : it is white wine from Corsica with maceration of bitter orange peel, gentian and the bark of Cinchona. It will blend beautifully with a fresh melon. The Pastis Artisanal Meyer’s takes up the traditional recipe with some Alsatian touches. It is a blending with anise, star anise, licorice, fennel and a secret ingredient which is used in Alsatian cuisine (cookery). The Gin Meyer’s : it is a maceration of different plants, juniper berry, balm and coriander.


It is in the 2000s that Jean-Claude Meyer embarks on a great adventure, with the desire to create a product with a strong and unique regional identity, a product that nobody has yet dared… “I am going to put my most successful distiller know-how in France at the service of a great project, by surrounding me with the best, in order to surprise and especially to delight with an exceptional product….”